The children are our future. Providing an ethical and eco-friendly support system is what we strive to do twenty475two.

We are committed to supporting the evolution of underserved communities. By consistently identifying organizations whose funds go to the people they serve and not the administration.

While the mainstream media focuses on the symptoms of communities in distress and the Alt-Right media focuses exclusively on the symptoms of a troubled neighborhood, the problems that face these underserved communities are overlooked.

This creates societal misunderstandings about entire communities or cities are based on a small percentage of the population.

Take Bay View Hunters Point in San Francisco for instance, where there are some 35,000 inhabitants who have been branded by the acts of a small percentage of the neighborhood.

Many well-meaning people offer advice based on their reality, which isn’t actually possible for the people. The thought of why not borrow money from your father to start a business may work if your father isn’t struggling to determine which bills get paid and which ones will have to wait.

Although it is a clear and reasonable response to the symptom of poverty the question remains how do we ensure the possibility of these parents having the disposable income to invest in the entrepreneurial ventures of their children?

I’ve also heard suggested that instead of shooting up the neighborhood that young people just go hunting and enjoy what nature has to offer. What they don’t understand is that it takes money to enjoy the great outdoors and that some people have never ventured outside the neighborhood. It’s possible that someone’s worldview is limited to a 20-block universe that is filled with despair and hopelessness. Scholastic achievement doesn’t offer the required lessons for the lure of the street. The beginning of a downward spiral into crime and an endless cycle of incarceration or death.

What if they were able to expand their horizons by increasing their exposure to opportunities and a path to a bright future?

twenty475two proposes to bridge that gap by creating a globally conscious system that generates revenue to be provided for service-related elements that go directly to the recipients in underserved communities. We hope to develop a viable marketplace for young entrepreneurs.

We believe that all of the children deserve a bright future and we are dedicated to making that their reality. Consistent commitment to our convictions is what we do twenty475two.